Creating a Trauma-Informed Space: This teaches social workers and health professionals about waiting room or drop-in center options for patients managing trauma. Originally developed for the Mendocino Coast drop-in center - 2 hours

Managing Psychosis in the Workplace: Originally created for the MCHC staff, this can be taught to anyone running a business that deals with potentially altered states of reality: martial arts, yoga, massage, cannabis, pharmacists, etc.  - 45 minutes

Social Media
1 - Strategy: Before engaging in Social Media, it’s a good idea to know what you plan to share, who that is going to attract, and why they will be drawn to it. This package includes - 1.5 hours
2 - Training: We offer training in Facebook, YouTube, twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin during a 3-hr workshop
3 - Planning:  This package helps you to learn how to budget your posting time, plan your calendar, and create effective online ads for up to 12 months of content  - 1.5 hours

Customer Service: Staff training for Retail and Hospitality services: Front Desk, Restaurant, Phone, Cashier. Emphasis on what creates repeat customers - 2 hours

Business is Personal: My favorite! This works on not taking "no" personally, saying "no" when working with authority, when to take something personally in business, and when to put personal aspects of yourself into business. It's awesome, and I love doing this! - 2 hours

Leading in Teams: Another fun workshop, this breaks down the lone wolf/leader dynamic, and embraces team leadership. - 3 hours

Boundaries in Business: This is an addendum to Business is Personal. It takes a look at best practices and administration and applies emotional boundaries to their uses. It often leads women to start using contracts and MOUs without the guilt or worry of seeming unfriendly - 1.5 hours

Build a Brand: My favorite creative workshop! Everyone leaves with an outline of a logo, mission statement, and company identity - 2.5 hours

Coming Soon: Cannabis Tourism, and several more Tourism specific options!

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We don't usually plan workshops for the public, and we suggest that you book a private workshop for your organization, or share the cost of a venue with another business.

We look forward to working with you!