Simple Essential are the anchors of basic business. They provide: tools to communicate, outlets to prove your company's validity, a way to be seen, and methods to contact your audience;
are all of which are necessary to your business.

Complex Solutions keep your business open, healthy, staffed, complete with functioning systems, and sound finances. No business can do without either simple essentials and complex tools,
which is why Edify provides both options.

Take a look at our packages, bootcamps, intensives and more!

Business Coaching: Be Empowered
Advocate Package
One hour per session, two times a week.
You receive custom, consistent steady support with up to one additional 15 minute call daily

Touchstone Package
Two hours every other week.
​You receive support with specific projects or problems you have pre-identified

Advertising: Be Heard
Advertising Intensive
Word of Mouth has a lot of power in Mendocino County, but if you’re looking to expand, draw customers from a different region, or announce something new; word of mouth isn’t enough. This package will help you homogenize your brand, identify the trends of your target audience, choose your advertising methods, how to track their efficacy, and plan when to use them. This is a month long  process involving four, one-on-one sessions; each two hours in length

Art & Copy
Every business needs both quality writing and images in order to communicate.
Whether you need a Facebook ad or a new rack card, we can design something beautiful that fits your message and brand. Copy starts at $50 for 1000 words, and Art starts at $30 for basic images.

Bespoke logos begin at $125

Website Package
Includes: New 3 - 5 Page Website, Creative Design, Images, User Interface, Copy, Web Hosting, URL, Support, Blog, and two Training Hours for the Administrator at $580

Add Integrated Payment, Booking, or eCommerce for $250

*Additional requests and/or phasing-out a former website will incur additional costs
*Depending on volume, we accept 2 to 6 new requests a week

Social Media Packages
Phase 1 - Strategy
: Before engaging in Social Media, it’s a good idea to know what you plan to share, who that is going to attract, and why they will be drawn to it. This package includes 1.5 training hours for you and your Marketing staff at you place of business for $260
Phase 2 - Training: Once you have a Social Media strategy, it’s time to learn how to use your profiles. We offer training in Facebook, YouTube, twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin in a 3 hour training for you and your Marketing team at $425
Phase 3 - Planning:  This package helps you and your employees learn how to budget your posting time, plan your calendar, and create effective online ads for up to 12 months of content in a 1.5 hour session for $260

*Book All 3-packages for the Same Day (Strategy, Training, and Planning) for $875
*Include one or more additional companies into your trainings and receive a 25% discount

Social Media Maintenance (ongoing): If you find that you or your staff are not able, or interested in keeping up with the demands of social media, we offer 21 creative posts a month for Facebook, twitter, and Instagram based on your social media calendar for a fee of $150 (no video content)

*If you do not have a social media calendar, the Phase 3 - Planning package is a prerequisite
*This is a popular service and we have limited space. It’s not possible to accept more than 10    new clients at this time, but waitlist space is available. Please call for availability

Organic Search: Be Found
Organic Search Monthly Service (ongoing)
If you or your staff do not have time to blog in addition to maintaining your social media profiles, Edify charges $280 a month to create shareable, quality content (no video).

* If you do not have a social media calendar, Phase 3 - Planning is a prerequisite

Organic Search Bootcamp
Most people can agree that organic is best, and that opinion carries over to online presence. When someone finds your business using an “organic search,” that means that they typed key words connected to your company into a search engine, and found you (usually in the first 5 to 10 ranking options). You may have heard the term SEO or search engine optimization. This used to be achieved almost entirely by the Web Developer who build your site, but that has done a complete 180 degree turn. Now, search engines look for new, valid content. The more you blog, modify website content, interact on various social media platforms, and produce content that other sites will share, the more your rankings will improve.

You will learn what your followers (or potential followers) want, how to deliver through blogs, vlogs, posts, and keywords; and how to recognize if your campaign is effective. 
This package consists of 10 private coaching sessions over 5 weeks for $875 total. 
Maintenance services can be arranged

*Due to the intensity of this program, we can only accept 1 to 2 per month. A waitlist is available

Marketing: Be Effective
The Marketing Plan
There is a lot more to Marketing than Advertising, and all of it is important information for startups and fully established companies. The rules vary depending upon the structure and area of the business, and it often takes multiple efforts to complete a single Marketing Plan. Edify offers both process and answers for the following Marketing subtopics:
Research (Identifying whether or not your company can find a niche in the area; who is your target audience)
Identity/Brand (Who is your business? What do you customers see? Is your physical plant cohesive?)
Advertising (what advertising will reach your target audience and cause them to act in your favor? Planning)
Plan (How often will you do research? Add a new element to your company? Create alliances with?)
Creating & Disseminating (Who will create the content that represents you? How will that be accomplished? Where will it go? How often will this take place?)
Staying Consistent (What will your voice and brand look like? How will you make sure that it stays consistent?)
There are many questions to answer, including the homogenization of print, online, radio, and other communication forms.  Not only will you be able to answer these questions, you will also have a fully formed plan for your Marketing and Advertising needs.
Completing this requires twice weekly coaching sessions for 2 to 3 months, and at least one in-person visit to your place of business. If you run a hospitality or tourism based company, more time on site will be required.

This will be time consuming, and we suggest that you take this on during a time when you know business will be slower. This package costs $2500 to $5000 depending upon the scope of work. The cost includes a single audit 10 months after the plan is put into action
Workshop or Trai

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