What does your business need in order to meet your goals?

A complex solution (a process with many steps and parts),
or something simple but essential (a vital single subject project such as online sales or HR training)


Edify was founded in 2016 by a local Social Worker with the intention of helping the citizens of Mendocino County lead happier, more fulfilling lives through reduced stress and guided goal fulfillment. Admittedly broad at its inception, it has taken Founder, Alyson Bailey time to determine a specific focus that fits the needs of our community and her personal lifestyle.

Certified in long-term care, a student of Leadership and Public Administration, and a veteran Marketing professional with nearly a decade in the Hospitality industry, Alyson had some choices to make. After doing market research and some soul-searching, Alyson chose not to follow a Social Work model.

Edify found its identity serving small businesses and their stakeholders in 
Mendocino County.

"I thought working on more of a macro level to help companies that are already assisting individuals was more effective than reinventing the wheel," said Alyson.

"I can't think of anything that reduces stress and produces goal fulfillment more than lower overhead, higher revenue, systems that actually work, and affordable tools that fit the needs of the area."

Edify offers many small business solutions for service and product-based organizations:

 Simple Essentials (Social Media, Websites, and other one-time projects), Workshops & Training on a dozen topics, and Complex Solutions (Marketing Plans, Strategic Advertising, Operations, Branding & Identity, and customized Coaching) to name most available services.  Solutions not offered can easily be obtained through the aid of a collaborating, vetted consultant or contractor.

If you are looking for a consultant who understands your community, your concerns, your priorities, and both the numbers and emotional side of your company, contact Edify.


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